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Sure, the basic boating supplies keep your day-to-day travels locked down, safety-wise. Life jackets, rafts and flares are standard issue with most boats. But, what about extra features? The world of boating benefits from a wealth of add-ons, amenities and safety products. READ MORE >>

Purchasing motorcycle insurance is a bit more complex than buying traditional auto insurance. Bikes are much more customized. This leads them to carry unique and, in some cases, difficult-to-find parts. The good news is your motorcycle insurance will provide exceptional coverage if you choose the right policy. READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to be able to sustain themselves in retirement. We are living longer these days. Many of us become concerned that we won’t save enough to last for the rest of our lives. We might even outlive our incomes, and no one wants that. Having the proper funds helps to protect every individual in retirement and old age. READ MORE >>

Most farm insurance policies will cover your assets in case a covered peril strikes. Among most covered perils is severe weather coverage. If a weather disaster strikes your farm, you could face significant agricultural losses. For that reason, policies usually provide a comfortable level of weather coverage. READ MORE >>

How much auto insurance you carry is important. But one of your biggest concerns is likely the cost of coverage. You want to carry enough insurance. But, you also want to be able to afford rates and deductibles. Paying for auto insurance impacts your checkbook. Nonetheless, your payments are necessary to keep coverage. READ MORE >>

It may be time to take a winter vacation. Your family might be going to a ski resort, or escaping to warmer climates. Before you head off on a winter trip, there are many things you need to do before simply packing your suitcase.  Your home will be empty while you are gone. READ MORE >>

Forbes estimates that 80 percent of business ventures fail within 18 months of opening. Starting and operating a new business is challenging, and many people make mistakes. However, business owners might see their business grow if they follow these seven tips. Always Improve Your Business READ MORE >>

When an employee gets hurt on the job, this type of insurance helps to cover those financial losses. The type of injury does not have to occur as a result of an accident, though, to obtain this type of coverage. In some situations, the coverage can apply to instances that develop over time. READ MORE >>

The Oklahoma Insurance Department is reporting that individual health insurance premiums in Oklahoma will likely increase an average of 76% in the Affordable Care Act marketplace. READ MORE >>

Do you bring work home with you? Doing so can be a worrisome thing and more so than just bringing home more stress. In some situations, your business property could be lost in the event of a fire, theft, or storm. You have home insurance to protect your home itself from these types of risks, but do you have enough coverage to protect any business property stored at your home? READ MORE >>

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